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Freezer Variety Self-Adhesive Label Pack (With Tombow Marker)

12 x A4 sheets

Quantity: 196 labels

Shapes: Rectangular, Square, Oval & Circular

Label sizes: 6 various sizes

04up oval (2 sheets) – Label size: 80mm X 130mm

06up border, square (2 sheets) – Label size: 99mm X 93.1mm

12up border, narrow (2 sheets) – Label size: 76.2mm X 46.4mm

20up circles (2 sheets) – Label size: 50mm dia

24up border (2 sheets) – Label size: 64mm X 33.9mm

32up oval (2 sheets) – Label size: 50mm X 30mm

Includes a Tombow Mono Twin Marker

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  • Our brand new range of A4 printable freezer labels are a first of their kind in South Africa.
  • Perfect for helping food preppers, fridge organisers, and home caterers sort out their food labelling.
  • They are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and offer the flexibility of both hand labelling and printing your designs.
  • Compatible with Laser & Inkjet printers as well as waterproof fine liners, markers and ballpoint pens
  • Tombow Mono Twin Marker Included:
    • Permanent oil-based marker featuring two tips for a variety of lettering sizes – 0.4mm fine and 0.8mm broad.
    • The oil-based ink is smudge-proof and will not run, even when your labels get wet.
    • Perfect for adding in expiry dates or creating personalised labels for your fridge and freezer.
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