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Identification A4 Self-Adhesive Variety Label Pack (With Clear Labels)

5 x A4 sheets

Quantity: 268 labels

Shape: Rectangular & Arch

Label size: 5 various sizes

35up arch (1 sheet) – Label size: 40mm X 40mm

39up border (1 sheet) – Label size: 66mm X 20.69mm

45up border (1 sheet) – Label size: 39.2 X 29.88mm

65up border (1 sheet) – Label size: 38.1mm X 21.2mm

84up border (1 sheet) – Label size: 46mm X 11.11mm


Includes:  273 clear overlay labels

12up border (3 strips) – Label size: 45mm X 45mm

39up border (1 strip) – Label size: 70mm X 24mm

12up border (4 strips) – Label size: 45mm X 45mm

22up border (3 strips) – Label size: 40mm X 24mm

42up border (2 strips) – Label size: 50mm X 18mm

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  • Available in 5 various sizes in our A4 laser label sheets designed for printing and writing.
  • Our Permanent Identification labels have many uses, from footwear to lunchboxes and sports attire.
  • Contains 5 various label sizes: 40mm x 40mm, 66mm x 20.69mm, 46mm x 11.11mm, 38mm x 21mm & 39.2mm x 29.8mm.
  • Each label comes with a transparent overlay sheet to ensure your labels are protected and are difficult to remove.
  • Pack contains 268 various size white printable labels and 273 various size clear overlay labels.
  • Compatible with Laser & Inkjet printers.
Dimensions 310 × 215 cm
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