About US

Thirty years ago we embarked on our journey to deliver the very best in labels for home, office and classroom organisation. Since then we’ve been persistent about excellence that will positively impact your everyday life.

Redfern Labels gives you everything you need from custom labels to printable templates and personalised stickers. Our custom labels bring efficiency and productivity to your workplace, while achieving ultimate organisation and beauty in your home. For educators, students and schools, Redfern Labels provides fun stickers and personalised custom labels to make learning exciting. Whatever the solution you seek, our guiding values and constant improvement drives us to provide you with products fit for their purpose, all the time, every time.

Be curious and ask why?

We take pride in what we do

We deliver with heart and soul

It’s all in the detail

We create an environment for people to feel comfortable sharing their ideas

We are on the road to continuous improvement

Finishing is just as important as starting

Quality is never by chance but always a result of collective effort

Treat everyone as you would treat yourself

Doing the right thing at all times, even when nobody is watching

We show up for each other to grow and prosper

Talk to us, we will listen

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